Welcome to SPARED, a community-based,
nonprofit donation network created for
animal organizations.


Photo by Off Leash Photography

Launching soon.

SPARED is in the works. We hope to have a fully-functional site very soon!

Registered animal organizations post the items they need to:


Available item-offers are matched with wishlists to create:


Organizations run more efficiently and euthanasia rates lower, equaling:

Saved pets

It’s Easy... and It’s Free!

View the interactive demo here

Anyone Can Help!

Local shelter’s top wishlist item is blankets? Donate them!
Puppy grew too large for his collar? Post it for donation!
Extra birthday cash? Donate it to your favorite organization!
Any donation, large or small, can benefit animals in shelters and rescues.

Research shows that shelters don’t often get the supplies they need, and it is the goal of Spared to help make this happen. By involving the community and streamlining the way organizations get supplies, volunteers are less bogged down by daily operations, and animals get the love and care they need. Getting rid of those unused pet supplies also ensures a cleaner garage!

Who is Eligible?

Though we aim to help all animal organizations, there are a few registration qualifications to ensure integrity. To register an organization for donations, the organization must: